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Beat your competitors and amplify your organic reach. Let me show you how to rank higher, increase your website visitors, and dominate search engine results using SEO.

Who’s CYRUS?

Cyrus The Great was the founder and a ruler of the ancient Persian empire.

We are all Cyrus in our own way, conquerors of search engine territory and rulers of our own online kingdoms.

SearchCyrus is an SEO consultancy and SEO agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area and founded by Meelad Mashaw.

What I offer

SEO Consulting

Learn why you’re not ranking high and the steps you need to take to fix it.


I’ll get my hands dirty with my done-for-you SEO optimization services.

Custom Projects

I’m available for custom SEO projects too, just contact me to let me know.

Nothing but 5-star reviews

Meelad was marvelous – and just as advertised, able to answer any/all questions about SEO in a very straightforward, easy-to-follow way. As opposed to gimmicks or technospeak, he patiently explained the simple and organic methods one could use to improve their findability by Google. Would highly recommend you consider a chat with him if you’re looking to improve your SEO rankings…

mark B.

This was worth every penny, I highly recommend Meelad to anyone getting started with SEO. He took the time to answer each of my questions thoughtfully and offer advice. He walked through various strategies step by step while sharing his screen and providing examples. I feel like my understanding of SEO improved 100% and I finally have an actionable strategy to execute against. Thank you!

Slater M.

Hundreds Of happy clients

In every niche imaginable, from around the world.

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The sooner we start, the better.