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Best Free Online Tool To Make Screenshots Look Better & Pretty

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Pika review

Pika is a free online tool you can use to make pretty screenshots. I have no relationship with Pika, I found them myself when I was looking for a free alternative to Xnapper.

Pika cost

I use the free version of Pika. The free version comes with all the features I need. The free version also allows you to download the edited image without a watermark.

Note: currently, Pika allows you to delete the watermark and download the edited image without a watermark, but they may change this in the future.

If you decide that you want to upgrade to a paid plan, it will cost around $10/month.

How to use Pika

Pika is pretty easy to use! All you have to do is upload your screenshot and Pika will lay your screenshot on a pretty gradient background.

Then tweak the settings to your liking and save the image back to your computer.

Pika features

Pika has a lot of great features available in the free plan, including the ability to:

  • add a frame around your screenshot
  • change how large the screenshot is
  • make the corners round
  • add a shadow
  • change the color of the background

After you’re finished editing, just delete the watermark by clicking the “x” and then download the image by clicking the Save button.


Here’s an example of a screenshot that I made look better using Pika:

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