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How To Get Search Console Insights Emailed To You Every Month

@searchcyrus How to get the google search console insights report emailed to you every month. This is a great report for anyone who owns a website, it includes data about your traffic, content, and keywords from the previous month. All you need is a Google search console account and a Google analytics account. #se#searchengineoptimizatione#searchengineoptimizationtipsa#dataanalyticso#googleanalyticsa#marketinganalystl#bloggingtipsl#bloggingcoacho#wordpressbloggerr#freemarketingtoolsa#marketingtoolsi#digitalmarketingtoolso#googlesearcho#googlesearchconsole ♬ original sound – SearchCyrus – SEO Expert

What is Search Console Insights?

Search Console Insights is a report from Google for Website Owners.

The goal of Search Console Insights is to provide content creators with data and insights about their content’s performance, which they can then use to improve their content.

Search Console Insights will help you understand:

  1. What your best performing pieces of content are
  2. How your new pieces of content are performing
  3. How people are discovering your content across the web
  4. What keywords are driving traffic to your content
  5. Which external websites are driving referral traffic to your content

Anyone with a verified Google Search Console property is able to access the Search Console Insights report.

Search Console Insights Report

What is included in the report?

The Search Console Insights report includes data such as:

  • All-time number of page views
  • Page views in the past 28 days
  • Avg. page view duration in the past 28 days
  • Your new content performance metrics in the past 28 days
  • Your most popular content by page views in the past 28 days
  • Top traffic channels (which channels your visitors come from)
  • Top keywords your website is ranking for in Google Search (how visitors find your site on Google)
  • Referring links from other websites (which pages on the web link to your site)
  • Social media metrics (how visitors get to your site from social media)

How to get Search Console Insights automatically emailed to you every month

If you want to check the Search Console Insights report manually, you can do so here.

But if you want the report emailed to you automatically every month, follow these steps:

  1. In your Google Search Console Account, go to Settings > Associations
  2. Make sure your Google Analytics property is associated with your Google Search Console property

That’s it!

If you connect/associate your Google Analytics to your Google Search Console (for the same website), then Google will automatically email you the Search Console Insights report every month.

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