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How To Optimize TikTok Videos For Google Search’s Short Videos

@searchcyrus TikTok SEO & Google Search – How does it work? In this video I cover SEO on TikTok and how to optimize tiktok videos for search engines like Google. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it’s the process of getting content to show up high in search engines like google. TikTok videos are starting to get indexed in Google search just like YouTube videos. If you want your TikTok videos to show up in Google search make sure to include keywords that people are searching in the beginning of your video descriptions. If you have any questions, feel free to let me know. #ti#tiktokseoE#SEOi#tiktokkeywordse#keywordsearche#searchengineoptimizationa#rankforSEOonTikToki#tiktokseohacksE#SEOtiktokE#SEOonTikTokh#whatisseoe#seooptimizatione#seomarketinge#seoforbeginnerse#seomarketinge#seostrategyo#contentcreatortipsr#growyourtiktok ♬ original sound – SearchCyrus – SEO Expert

TikTok videos are now indexed in Google Search

If you’re not aware, Google is starting to show TikTok videos in Google Search.

For example, if you search for MrBeast on Google (on mobile), and you scroll down, you’ll see his short form videos from Youtube and TikTok showing up like this:

The same thing happens if you search for a TikToker’s username in Google. You’ll see their videos show up on Google like this:

Does Google look at the keywords used in a TikTok video description?

Yes. I proved it with an experiment:

  • I searched on Google for keywords that are in my video description
  • I did not include my username in my search

Result: Google returned my video as a result because my video description had the same keywords that I searched:

tiktok video shown as a result in google search when searching keywords used in the description

Try the experiment for yourself!

Why this matters

This is huge because if Google starts showing short form content more often on the first page of results, then it can unlock a whole new source of traffic for creators.

For example, the keyword “how to chop an onion” has around 10,000 searches per month on Google.

So if Google decides to show someone’s TikTok video instead of this YouTube video as the first result:

Then that person’s video is going to get thousands of additional views per month, from Google, for free.

How to optimize a TikTok video for Google Search

The most import thing is the first 50 characters of your TikTok video’s description.

  • Make sure to include a sentence full of good keywords in the first 50 characters of your descriptions.

It basically serves as the title of the video, and it’s the first place Google checks to see what a video is about.

@searchcyrus TikTok is changing the SEO game by influencing search engines like Google to transition to more of a visual search result format depending on the keyword that someone is searching for. TikTok SEO is becoming more important than ever because Google will start showing short form videos more often. If you want your videos to show up on Google Search, make sure to use the right keywords in your video titles and descriptions on every platform you upload videos to. #t#tiktokseot#tiktokkeywordsk#keywordsk#keywordsmatters#searchengineoptimizationtipst#tiktokseohackst#tiktokseotipsc#contentcreatortipsg#growyourtiktoks#socialmediagrowths#socialmediamarketingtipst#tiktokmarketingtipsc#contentmarketingtipss#searchengineg#googleseos#seoontiktok ♬ original sound – SearchCyrus – SEO Expert

If you have any questions, just let me know in the comments below.

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